Oct 29, 2019


This session will provide a deep dive into the policy landscape in the USA and provide insight into what panelists and the audience expect in 2020, how a Green Deal could play out, the impact that FERC Order 841 has had and how to prepare for a future without subsidies.

  • What could the New Green Deal mean for the industry
  • A NON-PARTISAN analysis ahead of the 2020 election – what can we infer from candidates’ support of renewables?
  • FERC Order 841 – what have the results been for deployment of storage?
  • Audience vote: where would they like policy to move in 2020?
  • Post subsidy era – what mechanisms would be useful to the industry in the absence of subsidization?
  • Is there a need for policies aimed at energy buyers?
  • Dealing with the ITC phase out
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